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Computer Repair for Laptops, Desktop, Tablets - Asheville, NC | Canton, NC | Fremont, MichiganNew: if you are looking for the most current PC models, stop in to either location and check out the new computer models we have in stock.

Used/pre-owned/refurbished: What do we do? We clean the inside and outside of PC, we replace any broken or defective parts.  Then we wipe the  hard drive and reload a clean copy of windows.   All of our used/pre-owned/refurbished computers come with a 90 day warranty. We also offer an extended 1 year warranty on our used  PC’s for only $50!

Many times when you buy a pre-owned PC from a pawn shop or Ebay, or Craigslist; you will probably not get the same quality as our used PC’s offer. Often, we have customers that have purchased computers from these sources and find out that they need to spend more money to have us clean it up after the fact.  When you when you buy from us, that work is done.  We stand behind what we sell.

Special Order: We will sit down with you, discuss your computer needs and help you find the best model and the best price.

For any computer you purchase from us, we offer very reasonable software protection software (antivirus/anti-spyware).  Our prices start at $25, compared to $50+ at the big box stores.

We also carry accessories such as wired / wireless mice, new / used speakers, new / used monitors, and power / surge suppression protection devices.

We have a comprehensive inventory of PC parts.  For example, our laptop power cords average about ½ of what they price at big box stores.   External USB back up hard drives to USB thumb/pen/flash drives for your data storage.  If you want to connect your PC to your HDTV, we can help you find the right cable to get you connected. Networking, wired and wireless accessories- including wireless cards, routers, hubs and switches for your home or business systems.  Ethernet / CAT5 cables are also in stock.


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